The below table gives an outline of projects carried out by Jasper Harrison Ltd:-


Summary of ProjectSystems / Technologies
WaterConfiguration of new CompactLogix PLC for lime batching plant.CompactLogix, Serck SCX6
ChemicalUpdate of exsiting SLC500 and PanelView1000, creation of FDS.SLC500, PanelBuilder32
PharmaceuticalLarge project to replace existing obsolete DeltaV control system with new version 11.3 system.  Responsible for  automation validation, docs and testing of additions and mods to a DeltaV system. Also responsible for adding existing PLC to a profibus comms network to provide monitoring and controlDeltaV ver 11.3, Profibus, SLC500
WaterConfiguration of new CompactLogix PLC for sludge handling. Update of documentation. Production of FAT test doc, panel commissioning, FAT preparation, updates to Serck SCX 6 SCADACompactLogix, Devicenet, Serck SCX6
PharmaceuticalAutomation liaison for new third party installed auto bagger, palletiser, stretch wrapper.  Help with technical detail and validation of automationCompactLogix V21 / PanelView V7 / Siemens
PharmaceuticalModifications to an existing PLC / SCADA controlling a number of tanks, full validation effort, 2 phasesPLC5, Flex I/O, FTView6
FoodReverse engineering of complicated food production line PLC / HMI system, to allow system rationalisation and improvements.  Record findings in FDSSLC500, FTViewME
Food and drinkCoding of PLC and HMI for Yeast control system at drinks manufacturer,  FDS, test docsControlLogix, ver 20, Compactlogix L2 PanelView ver 6.1
VM server
WaterCoding of PLC and HMI for sludge control system at sewage treatment works. FDS, Test docs.ControlLogix, ver 19 PanelView ver 6.0
VM server
NuclearWriting of detailed FDS for the control of a nuclear waste packaging process, for onwards coding by a third party.FDS only.
PharmaceuticalLarge project to add two new sterile glucose tanks and associated control to feed a fermenter house.  Responsible for selection of SI, all automation validation, docs and testing of additions and mods to a DeltaV system.DeltaV ver 8.4.1
PowerCoding / FDS generation PLC and HMI for fuel oil control system on Power station.  Creation of HMI standard on Panelview based on existing control system.ControlLogix, FTView ME
PharmaceuticalReplacement of two defunt PanelViews with new PanelView 1250s. Reverse engineering of current screens, functionality and interface code.  Process mods.  Addition of signals and alarms from a remote odour abatement system, use of RIO and flex IO, panel mods etc.PLC5, FTView ME, RIO, Flex I/O
PharmaceuticalNew control system for safely loading an IBC of product inserting an agitator, mixing at high speed then transferring and CIPing.  Interface with existing plant PLC / SCADA control system, interface with PILZ pnoz safety relays via Profibus.CompactLogix, PanelView, PLC5, RSView32, Pilz pnoz